Acting Single While in a Relationship

Acting Single While in a Relationship

You know how people say that girls look better when they’ve recently gotten out of a bad long-term relationship? They have a certain glow or exude freedom in everything they do (even if they are hurting). Women can look like they’ve been eating all of the right fruits, drinking the best water and meditating 5 hours a day once released from the grasp of a toxic relationship (romantic or not).


Whether you’re in a healthy relationship or newly single, there’s one thing that is a common denominator… both circumstances causes /inspires a person to focus on themselves more. The freedom to be yourself and put yourself first gives you the power to be a new person. You do it for yourself rather than for another person. You choose redemption over stagnation. I personally believe that whether you are in a relationship(and busy) or single(and busy), you can operate in a way that still allows you to grow and come into the person you were destined to be!

I have personally been in both situations. I loved being single and reclaiming my time. It gave me my empowerment back. I worked out, went out, and invested money more into who I wanted to become. I seized the opportunity to write the rest of my story myself and feel good about that. I also love being in a relationship but I have found out how easy it is to lose myself in our common goals to build on our relationship and forget to prioritize myself. I have that glow of being supported and having I have personal goals that I want to achieve. I have journeys that I have to put myself on that he might not necessarily have to be on. I’m figuring out what it means to still remain myself as my roles expand. I want to allow myself to be a dedicated owner of myself as much as I am a dedicated daughter, employee, girlfriend and friend.I love talking to my sister-friends because I’ve heard them express that they feel the same way. They’re finding solutions like designating a period of time to solely work on themselves. That’s exactly where my mindset has been at lately too! I really want to make time in my schedule to be on my own journey of self-exploration and be intentional regarding working on myself. I want the duality of being a great partner in a relationship but taking care of myself like I’m single ready to mingle. People may find this controversial but those who know KNOW. Happiness comes in many forms and the most important form comes from within YOURSELF.

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