My Comfort Zone is STRONG

My Comfort Zone is STRONG

Your comfort zone is the killer of progress. It is manipulative,spiteful and one of the realest haters you’ll ever have in your circle. I wasn’t even aware of my comfort zone and the damage it has caused in life until yesterday. It has been fooling me that my work is fulfilling. It has been fooling me into thinking that my place in this world is smaller than it actually is. It has been making me believe that my procrastination is self-care. 

I have been keeping myself from working hard on dreams that seem impossible because I let my mind revert back to what it’s used to; coasting (aka procrastinating) through things that challenge me and accepting mediocre results. This tore down my self-esteem slowly but surely because that’s all I thought I could amount to. Not realizing that if I push myself to put real consistent effort into my work that myself and my work are nothing mediocre.

I encourage all people to consider pushing their boundaries. Consistently putting your self in slightly uncomfortable situations can show you what you’re made of. Jumping into an uncomfortable situation gives you a learning experience your comfort zone could never give you.

Believe me, your comfort zone won’t let you go down without a GOOD fight. Just remember you’re STRONGER. 

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